Layer on the decadence. QT Newcastle’s Executive Chef, Shayne Mansfield welcomes Dessert King, Reece Hignell of Cakeboi, into the kitchen to create an indulgent high tea, QTea, any way you slice it.

QT Hotels & Resorts has long pioneered the philosophy of ‘expect the unexpected’, and that’s exactly what guests can expect with these two Novocastrian talents in tow. Served in QT Newcastle’s signature restaurant, Jana, the two-course affair features a mix of sweet and savoury dishes and promises tiers, trolleys and an appetite for the unconventional. Guests will work their way through tiered savouries by QT Newcastle’s award-winning chef, and can expect delicacies including charcoal bread, duck leg croquette plus the merguez sausage pie, Shayne’s take on a traditional pie